Join the Palestinian Bloc in the Internationalist Bloc at Revolutionary 1st of May

Palästina Spricht Palestine Speaks (facebook)
QUARC Berlin – Queers Against Racism and Colonialism (facebook)
Berlin Against Pinkwashing (facebook)

.المسيرة الفلسطينية لدعم العمال داخل مسيرة العمال الرسمية في برلين
Migrantifa – Berlin organized an internationalist Alliance for the revolutionary 1st of May demonstration, and Palestine Speaks is proud to be part of this alliance.
We invite everyone who loves Palestine, the Palestinian workers struggle under settler colonialism, and the Palestinian struggle for liberation to join us in the front block of the demonstration.
Bring your Kufiyas, Palestinian flags, banners and posters that highlight the struggle of the people to be decolonized and free of all forms of oppression.
The official call by migrantifa which we fully support can be found here: www.facebook.com/events/943147626521155