Constellation of Liberation – queer feminist polish speaking collective: call for revolutionary 1st of may demonstration

Constellation of Liberation (twitter)
Berlin-based, Polish-speaking, queer-feminist collective // AKA Gwiazdozbiór Wyzwolenia (PL) & Konstellation der Befreiung (DE)

Join us on 1 May, 17.00 Hermannplatz! We believe that reproductive rights are workers rights and that queer liberation is class struggle.

We will be marching in the Front Block as part of the internationalist alliance, led by Migrantifa Berlin. See you on Saturday.

Our call for the revolutionary 1st May Demonstration:

Racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, as well as other forms of oppression, are a direct result of capitalism. The struggle against it is just as much part of the class struggle as the fight for higher wages or better working conditions.

Germany thrives on the exploited labour of Eastern European workers and abortion control and bans are tools used by the state to oppress the working class. It is the working class who suffers the most from the lack of free and legal abortions. The rich can easlily afford to travel to get an abortion in a clinic abroad. For the working class it’s a challenge.

Since the modern working class – especially in the low wage sectors – is largely female and shaped by immigrants and queers, the fight against oppression is central to reaching the working class. It cannot restrict class politics to old white cis-men.

The struggle for abortion rights is setteled at the intersection of worker rights and reproductive freedom. The right to make personal decisions about your health and future is inherently linked to the ability to earn a living wage, and support yourself and your family.

Abortion in Germany costs about 400-600 Euro, while the minimum wage in Poland is 500 Euro. Additionally you need to consider travel costs and overnight stay, and if you’re working a dead-end job and are not authorized to take a paid day off, you’re losing income for at least one day on top.

For those insurened in Germany, the situation is not much better because abortion is not covered by the health care system (only in some cases). For most of unwanted pregnant persons it still means: costly abortion, forced consulattion 3 days before abortion, days off from work, long distance to doctors especially if you’re not living in a big city, and if one missed the 12 weeks deadline, the cost can increase dramaticly (since in this case you need to travel to another country).

In capitalist society the path to having a child is strictly connected to the ability to take care of it, also financially. A decision determinaiting the life to such a degree should be in the hands of the pregnant person. Each person shoud have the right to live and work with dignity and have access to health care they need. In order to plan and control our future, it’s necessary that we not only have the right to do so, but that we also have the required resources and support from our community and workplace.

This is why we say: reproductive rights are workers rights!
This is why we say: queer liberation is class struggle!